There are plenty of local wineries of good quality. Slightly further afield there are the great wineries of Chateauneuf des Papes and the Côtes du Rhône, while to the south there are the distinctive wines of Bandol and Cassis. Here are a few of our local wineries going clockwise from the top left.
  • St. Pierre de Mejans - an old Benedictine priory making excellent reds for over seven hundred years!.
  • Chateau Constantin - good for both reds and whites with a new winemaker.
  • Chateau Fontvert - a winery that is making great progress and easy to visit while walking on the back road into Lourmarin.
  • Chateau La Dorgonne - excllent wines and one of the few wineries in Provence that produces red varietals - love their Pinot Noir. Pleasant walks through their vineyards.
  • Chateu la Canorgue - one of the first Bio vineyards, with good wines, especially their rosé. It was the site of the film "A good Year".
  • Chateau La Verrerie - a beautiful vineyard with a very welcoming tasting room.
  • Louerion - the local wine cooperative with a tasting room on the main square in Lourmarin.
  • La Maison Tardieu Laurent just on the way out of Lourmarin. Michel Tardieu is one of the great winemakers of the Rhône valley creating outstanding and expensive wines. His Bec Fins red and white are reasonbly priced and very good.